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April 12, 2022

Announcement of acquisition
J. Rettenmaier USA purchases Microfibres Technologies SA

On January 1, 2022 JRS Group acquired Microfibres Technologies. The strategic sale to such a global market leader in fibers will provide you more options in an array of fibers.

The JRS Group is highly committed to research, development and processing of functional fibers made from plant-based raw materials as well as upcycled raw materials. For several months, I have been working with CEO, J. Rettenmaier USA, Thorsten Willmann, and his staff and am highly impressed with his commitment to customer satisfaction and working with their customers to find solutions for technical fibers while providing cost savings options.

With the acquisition, JRS Group diversifies its production locations for textile fibers and flock products and now has the ability to provide precision cut fibers. The new J Rettenmaier Microfibers SA de CV will maintain the same level of service and commitment and will follow the same production and shipping protocols you have come to know. All previous commitments made by Microfibres Technologies for 2022 will remain, additionally Elizabeth Sanchez who you all have come to know for many years will remain with the company to service your needs and requirements.

I want to thank you all for the many years and wish everyone great success working with J. Rettenmaier Microfibers SA de CV.

Marcel Stark

CEO, Microfibres Technologies

Oct 2020

MICROFIBRES TECHNOLOGIES is proud to announce that we have been awarded our ISO 9001:2015 certification

This is an internationally recognized standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.

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June 2019

6th fully automatic production line

Microfibres Technologies installs 6th fully automatic production line to increase its capacity and demand. "It’s been a huge undertaking and luckily the demand on our products have doubled in the past 6 months".

"We will also be rolling out a fully automated sample production line by 4th quarter of 2020 providing our customers the opportunity to develop re-enforcement fibers and blends."

"I want to thank all our current customers for there support and continuation of our growth".
Everardo Gonzalez, Sales Manager.

March 2018

Introducing QuickWick® Micronized Cotton Flock

Microfibres Technologies introduces its latest NEW product, QUICKWICK® a white, odorless micronized cotton flock for sensitive hydrophilic building materials applications as well as enhanced hydration properties for drywall and commercial coatings.

February 2018


COMING SOON – PRIME CELLULOSE® is the brand name of Microfibres Technologies environmentally friendly cellulose powder. This new product family consists of proprietary combinations of Hardwood and Softwood fibers. Each formulation provides functional benefits for the primary application area of filtration and industrial. Microfibres Technologies will begin producing PRIME CELLULOSE® in 4th quarter of 2018 having engaged a New Business Development consulting group with 25 years of industry specific experience in natural and synthetic fibers, cellulose powders, markets and applications.

November 2017

Announcement of Management

Everardo Gonzalez – Senior Vice President of Sales


Microfibres Technologies is pleased today announced its new management structure and management changes. The new structure will help Microfibres Technologies advance in manufacturing and international sales.

Effective November 14, Everardo Gonzalez, General Manager of Operations of Microfibres Technology, will be promoted to Senior vice president of Sales, and assume the global responsibilities of strengthening the international sales & development. Mr. Gonzalez will be identifying new opportunities, and sharing best practices of customer experience network across the company and working directly with current customers. Mr. Gonzalez brings a wealth of experience in technical sales, development and customer service.

Mr. Gonzalez expertise was developed through 20 years of experience as general manager of recycling and textile manufacturing and with extensive technical experience with reinforcement fibers. He is widely recognized for his creativity in scaling manufacturing-based operation through the adoption and application of emerging technologies, automation and progressive techniques for inspiring others. His depth of industry knowledge and his proven ability to build high-performance teams will be a key in growing Microfibres Technology Sales force and customer service while working directly with current to provide customers satisfaction.

“Everardo’s market expertise, industry connections, sales acumen, and ability to build key relationships fit perfectly to drive and build the Microfibres Technology sales team.” Marcel Stark

October 2017

Microfibres Technologies introduces two brands

Microfibres Technologies announces its new TitanBlu® vulcanized fiber solution, 100% Cotton indigo blue cut fiber / powder flock specifically made for industries requiring strength in composites. TitanBlu®, a Microfibres Technology proprietary reinforcement cut fiber, with enhanced mechanical properties resulting in high strength, improved adhesion and structure to ensure optimal vulcanization parameters for rubber composites. TitanBlu® Cotton provides enhanced hydrodynamic effect in association with crosslink density combined with superior rheological behavior, cure, tensile strength, abrasion, and resistant ant to micro cracks. TitanBlu® Cotton disperses within seconds and considered the highest quality of re-enforcement fiber used in rubber compounding.

Microfibres Technologies introduces HydroWhite® Cotton Cut Fiber Powder a 100% Cotton white cut fiber / powder flock specifically designed for gloves and fabric backing. HydroWhite® with inherit quick acting dispersion in less than 3.5 seconds and dust free providing product integrity and maximizing efficiency while reducing cost. This revolutionary product is made up of 100% supramolecular nanoparticles cotton, chemical free and provides exceptional elastomeric properties, providing durability, and strength used dippable flock for gloves. The parallel fibers provides a free flow, uniform cut fiber with a smooth even appearance desirable for back coating upholstery fabrics.

September 2017

Expansion of Production Facility

In September 2017, Microfibres Technologies announced an expansion of it Puebla, Mexico to install 3 new production lines to increase production capacity of its random cut fibers / flock powders used as reinforcement agent in compounds for rubber, adhesive, sealants, friction, plastic, paints, fabric backing and gloves. Production will provide an additional capacity of 360,000 pounds per month. The 3 new production lines will help us in serving our customers with the most modern techniques including computerized sifting to assure size reduction & automated packaging which will aid to accomplish tasks even more swiftly and precisely. Microfibres Technologies estimates completion of expansion by first quarter 2018.

August 2017

Microfibres Technologies Recognized by EuCIa

In August 2017 Microfibres Technologies was recognized by EuCIA for their exceptional contributions to innovation in recyclable fibers and green technology. EuCIA found Microfibres Technology proprietary TitanBlu® cotton flock fibers provided effective long unidirectional fiber results in composites which are stronger, tougher, and lighter while offering a similar life cycle and ability to be recycled or re-ground. As a result, Microfibres Technology provide infinite performance and costs steps as the material’s load-to-fatigue life of 1 million cycles was increased from 50 to 70 percent of the strength of the material. “We are honoured to be recognized and will continue our commitment to provide innovation and excellence to emerging markets”, said Marcel Stark, President of Microfibres Technologies.