History and Company overview.
Microfibres Technologies

Microfibres History and company overview. We are a 100 year old corporation with expertise in specialized fiber, located in Mexico and USA. Pioneer in the recycling of by-products for fiber and the largest recycler of specialized fibers in Mexico for technical applications.

In 1998, Starmarc, Inc., a U.S. based restructuring organization owned by Marcel Stark implemented the NAFTA policies to form, move and establish U.S. based corporations in Mexico and Central America. Starmarc, Inc. moved four US corporations and formed and established seven US manufacturing corporations in Mexico including Denistar S.A. de C.V. Denistar S.A. de C.V. became the first textile by-product recycling operation located in Puebla, Mexico servicing the currency security paper industry and pharmaceutical and hygiene industries located in the United States and Europe . As a pioneer in the recycling of by-products to fiber and engineering its own proprietary equipment the company quickly became the largest recycler of specialized fibers in Mexico for technical applications.

In 2002, the company operations grew having manufacturing facilities located in Torreon, Aguascalientes and Puebla, Mexico and expanded to Guatemala in Central America. As the corporations grew the facilities became in demand and 3 of the facilities were sold in 2006 during its peak. Marcel Stark, President and CEO, of the company remained with its Puebla facility and merged with Microfibres USA.

In 2007 Microfibres Inc USA, a 100 year old corporation with expertise in specialized fibers decided to merge with Marcel Stark, Denistar S.A. de C.V. to open Microfibres Technologies located in Puebla, Mexico. The company developed a proprietary technology and innovation in specialized random flock powders and precision cut fibers for compounds used in rubber, friction, paints, plastics, resins, adhesives, sealants and batteries.

In 2016, Marcel Stark became the sole owner of Microfibres Technologies, as part of a growth strategy, to gain competitiveness and to better serve the market needs for random and precision cut fiber products. Microfibres Technologies uses specialized machinery and in house developed technologies to manufacture technical fibers for products such as cut-fiber for reinforcement, thickener and filler fibers both from natural and synthetic sources according to customer needs and requirements.

In 2017, Microfibres Technologies instituted its branding awareness towards its proprietary re-enforcement fibers and powders under and .