Company world leader in innovation of
precision cut fibers

Welcome to Microfibres Technologies, a world leader in the technology and innovation of precision cut fibers and random cut flock powders.

Microfibres Technologies is largest technical fiber manufacturers in Mexico specializing in high quality precision short cut fibers and random cut flock powders in synthetic and cotton ranging from 3 mm to 9 mm precision cut down to 180 microns in flock powders.

As the technological leader in Specialty Cut fibers and powders, Microfibres Technologies strives to continuously provide our industry partners the best products with unmatched service and delivery. We work directly with our customers and develop proprietary custom made fibers and powders to facilitate performance in turn becoming more profitable and more efficient.

Microfibres Technologies strives to work closely with our customers, identifying cost savings and to increase product efficiency and performance. We are committed to quality assurance while continuously improving our ISO standards and requirements.