2020 Chemical Powder Innovation Award

Chemical Powder Innovation Award is honored to congratulate and reward Microfibres Technologies S de RL de CV, a Mexican-based corporation, which not only won the 'Innovation with Best Benefit to Environment or Sustainability' category but was judged the overall 2020 winner of the CPIA. Well done all!

Sustainability was a strong theme throughout this year’s CPIA category with many entries detailed benefits arising from, for example, the use of renewable by-product, greater recyclability and/or reduced carbon/oxide residue footprint.

Headquartered in Puebla, Mexico., Microfibres Technologies has served as a market leader manufacturing and supplying specialty powder additives products and providing technical support services for the rubber, adhesives, friction, filtration and surface coating industries. Marcel Stark, President and CEO of Microfibres Technologies, was recognized for the company’s dedication to manufacturing environmentally friendly and recycled additives.

“With innovation at the core of the company, Microfibres Technologies invests in extensive research, to continually meet the needs of customers, as well as quickly adapt its business strategies when new markets or technologies emerge. The AM (additive manufacturing) industry has become a key market for Microfibres Technologies, and new powders have been developed to support the demand in the growth of reinforcement fibers.

As additive manufacturing has continued to evolve, the industry is continually experiencing change, with technologies evolving. As a result, Microfibres Technologies has continued to adapt its technology, leading to the development fibers to increase strength, viscosity, impact resistant, with quick and even dispersion qualities.”

Marcel Stark
President & CEO